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Scottish Affordable Art from Red Rag Gallery

Affordable art is a term often used in relation to Scottish Art . The true definition and perception of affordable art is very subjective. Affordable art prices vary from one Scottish art buyer to other Scottish art buyers. Naturally affordable art for one art collector can be unaffordable art for next art lover. A general view on what constitutes affordable art is Scottish art, paintings and Limited Edition Prints from 250 up to 4000.

Obviously not everyone is able to purchase art for up to 4000. As a result Red Rag offer a wide choice of value for money Scottish art prices and it is often possible to find affordable art from Red Rag's Scottish Artists with prices starting from around 250. In addition many other Scottish Art Galleries also cater for art buyers on a budget by offering paintings and sculptures at more affordable prices.

Featured Affordable Art

Affordable art: 'Red Boat, Tay' ' 185 by Scottish artist Ian Ledward

An alternative way of finding affordable art rather than Scottish Art Galleries are the graduate art shows. Typically each year the Scottish Art Colleges stage art exhibitions for final year art students. Most of the art on display can be bought.

Buying from art students at the start of their career should and is usually very affordable. However, the quality of art displayed at the art college shows is varied, and buying art from graduate shows is not always the best Art Investment. The majority of art graduates do not become household names, so if future art values are of concern buying affordable art from more established Scottish artists is certainly a less risky investment.

It is important to remember just because a particular piece of Scottish art is affordable it does not necessarily make it value for money. For most people buying Scottish art is a long term decision and a luxury. Potential art buyers are advised to carefully consider if they will still enjoy the art in 10 years time. If the answer is yes then hopefully the art piece will be both value for money and affordable art.

Featured Affordable Art

Affordable art: 'Card Game' by Scottish artist Ian Elliot

The Internet is another way of finding affordable art from Scottish artists. There are hundreds of websites displaying and promoting affordable art ' at the last count there were over 20 million references showing on search engines for the term 'Affordable Art'. The majority of these websites are artist owned and purely Internet 'Art Galleries'. The quality and service of many websites is extremely variable and Scottish art buyers are advised to be cautious.

Any art collector buying Scottish art online should look carefully at what buyer protection is offered. All quality online art galleries will offer no-quibble returns for affordable art. This is a valuable service for art buyers, but is only as good as the website or online gallery guarantee. Affordable art buyers of Scottish art at Red Rag Gallery have the added peace of mind that the business has traded for many years and has physical galleries in addition to its websites

Featured Affordable Art

Affordable art: 'St Monans' by Scottish artist David Smith

Art Fairs

There are various art fairs which are targeted at buyers of affordable art. The most well known is the 'Affordable Art Fair' which is held in London. All art works featured at the Affordable Art Fair' is priced at less than 3,000.

The Affordable Art Fair's formula is relatively simple: a relaxed, unstuffy environment and a price ceiling of 3,000. There is a huge array of paintings, sculpture, photography and art prints. Other art fairs follow a similar format.

The biggest art fair in Scotland is the Glasgow Art Fair. It is usually held in the heart of Glasgow's city centre. There is also an annual Edinburgh art fair which takes place in the Autumn. Whether you are serious collector, a casual buyer or just interested in contemporary art, art fairs are a good place to view art in Scotland. There are many Scottish art galleries and art organisations from throughout Scotland, the UK and overseas presenting contemporary work across.

Featured Affordable Art

Affordable art: 'Regatta' by Scottish artist Stephanie Dees

For Scottish art buyers affordable art at Red Rag offers the opportunity to buy high quality paintings and sculptures without breaking the Bank or relying on purchasing from unknown artists and Scottish art galleries. Demand for affordable art has also encouraged the gallery to offer fine quality Limited Edition Prints and these are always readily available from Red Rag.

Limited Edition Print prices from Red Rag are very affordable. Print prices start from under 100 for a framed limited edition print. There are many Scottish artists with art works in Limited Edition Prints. Follow the link to see the full collection of Red Rag Limited Edition Prints. Some of the Scottish artists promoted by Red Rag in print form include: Iain Faulkner, Charles Jamieson, Gordon Mitchell and David Schofield.

Affordable art: Art prints by Louis McNally

In summary there is plenty of Scottish affordable art available. However, finding good quality Scottish art at affordable prices is much more challenging and can be time consuming. There are opportunities for art collectors to own good works at reasonable prices, but when buying it is sensible to choose carefully from well established and trusted art professionals such as Red Rag Gallery.

Red Rag Gallery - affordable art from Scottish artists

red rag contemporary Scottish art gallery
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