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Right now we are waiting for new Alice McMURROUGH Figures Art to arrive at the gallery. In the meantime, here is a wider selection of the artist's work featured at the Red Rag Scottish Gallery.

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Scottish Artist Alice McMURROUGH  - Blue Eye, Butterfly
Scottish Artist Alice McMURROUGH  - Spider, Spider Scottish Artist Alice McMURROUGH  - Coming Events Cast Their Shadows



Art by Alice McMURROUGH

Spider, Spider
Alice McMURROUGH  - Spider, Spider

Scottish Art and Artists at Red Rag Gallery
Artist: Alice McMURROUGH

Scottish artist Alice McMurrough RSW RGI PAI expresses the childlike abundance of her imagination within the imagery of her paintings, using a sophistication and execution that's been honed over many years. With a duality of mind she’s able to tap into the untainted innocence of youth and paint scenes with an honesty and directness impervious to the scepticism and mundanity which comes with maturity, despite the years she’s spent refining and mastering her skill.

Intertwining memories, legends and myths with personal observations, ideas and dreams, Alice McMurrough RSW RGI PAI conjures a world within her work that feels both familiar and yet totally unique. The singularity of her work derives from her distortion of time, place and form, so whilst the imagery may be rooted in recognised characters and narratives, through manipulated scale and colour these representations take on different metaphoric and symbolic meaning, playing on the verge of unrecognisable yet maintaining that nostalgic thread.

As with almost all tales, the stories being shared ring with truths that have a relevance across generations. Alice McMurrough’s hope is that by reinterpreting the common themes which run through these narratives, ever interlinked with her own memories and experiences, she can resonate with multiple cultures and viewers and in some way engage with the contemporary concerns found in modern day reality.

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