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Scottish Artist:

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Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Rockpool
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Drift Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Bathers (Red Sea)
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Red Sea blues Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Red Hessian Sails
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Seahorse Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Sail Away With Me
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Les Baigneuses Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Slipway
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Gone Fishing Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Deep Blue Sea
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Puffer Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Hessian Sails (Pink)
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Totem Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Frozen Giants
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Book Stack Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Paint Tube and Palette Knife
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Paint Tubes (Crimson and White) Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Blood Moon

Scottish Artist:

Archived Work

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Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Baigneuse
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Seahorses Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - First Light
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Small Puffer Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Glisten
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Rock Pool (Hebridean Girl) Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Black Sea
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Voyager (Red Sea) Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Hessian Sails
Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - Matador Scottish Artist Stuart BUCHANAN - UFO



Art by Stuart BUCHANAN

Frozen Giants
Stuart BUCHANAN - Frozen Giants

Scottish Art and Artists at Red Rag Gallery
Artist: Stuart BUCHANAN

Stuart Buchanan was born in Glasgow in 1970. He studied Fine Art Drawing and Painting at the Glasgow School of Art and graduated in 1992. He has been working as a professional artist after setting up his art studio in 1993. Since then Stuart Buchanan has firmly established himself as a leading name within the Contemporary Scottish field.

Stuart Buchanan generally works in the traditional medium of oils. His paintings are representational, with figures set in richly textured, colourful ambiguous landscapes. His work depicts images of figures, usually imagined and anonymous, in painterly landscapes. He seeks to invoke a positive response in the viewer, be it a smile or the triggering of a personal memory, via strangely familiar scenes, reminiscent almost of snapshots or memories in a personal history.

Stuart Buchanan's paintings are easily identifiable. His art work display a recurring theme of solitude. This is not to suggest his paintings are lonely but rather a celebration of peace and serenity. Buchanan creates a world of peace and refuge away from the day to day of the outside world. His paintings depict mostly single figures and pairs and all share an enviable meditative state. The figures are often involved in an activity beyond the canvas and the viewer - such as gazing out to sea or at the stars, or daydreaming. He draws inspiration from his own childhood memories and experiences, as well as more current day to day life and the environment and landscapes that surround him.

In addition to Red Rag Art Gallery Stuart Buchanan has exhibited at other leading British Art Galleries. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Stuart Buchanan artist studio and like all Red Rag British art and contemporary art it can be shipped worldwide.

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