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Contemporary Art and Paintings By Scottish Contemporary Artists.

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Throughout the year Red Rag Contemporary Art Gallery promotes and supports the best of Scottish Contemporary Art. It is the perfect place for lovers of Scottish art with an unrivaled reputation with collectors looking to buy fine contemporary art, so whether it is art for Business, art for the Office, Investing in Art or art for the home you will find it at Red Rag Art Gallery. Red Rag are not simply Art Dealers - each contemporary art work at the gallery is sourced from the art studio of each artist guaranteeing authenticity and value for money. The gallery always has an extensive selection of paintings and art prints from Scottish artists. Every month we feature a Scottish artist with work in the gallery.

The Red Rag featured artist this month is Stuart Buchanan.

Stuart Buchanan generally works in the traditional medium of oils. His paintings are representational, with figures set in richly textured, colourful ambiguous landscapes. His work depicts images of figures, usually imagined and anonymous, in painterly landscapes. He seeks to invoke a positive response in the viewer, be it a smile or the triggering of a personal memory, via strangely familiar scenes, reminiscent almost of snapshots or memories in a personal history.

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Other featured artists at Red Rag Gallery this month include Scottish artists: Stephanie Dees and Joe Hargan.

Red Rag also shows Contemporary art from leading Scottish artists including: Catriona Campbell, Robert Kelsey, Louis McNally, Joe Hargan, Mike Healey, Jack Morrocco, Archie Forrest, Jock MacInnes, Christine Woodside and Muriel Barclay - we also show contemporary art and paintings by young Scottish artists: Jane Cruickshank, Sam Cartman and Garry Brander. Or you can buy contemporary Scottish Art from leading Scottish artists: George Birrell, Pam Carter, Marion Drummond, Charles Jamieson, Hamish MacDonald, Archie Dunbar McIntosh, Georgina McMaster, Jennifer Irvine and John Kingsley.

At Red Rag Contemporary Art Gallery you are always guaranteed to see outstanding examples of contemporary paintings and sculptures from Scottish contemporary artists. The Gallery organises numerous art events and there are always New Arrivals each week at the gallery. For further information please select Art News or contact the gallery.

As the leading name for Scottish Artists and Scottish Art Galleries Red Rag Gallery is open everyday showing established and young emerging Scottish Artists . Click here to see our latest selection of Contemporary Art and paintings by Scottish artists

Red Rag - the number one gallery for Scottish Contemporary Art and Paintings


Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Autumn Gold
Autumn Gold

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Bathers (Red Sea)
Bathers (Red Sea)

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Dark Winter Sea
Dark Winter Sea

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Hessian Sails II
Hessian Sails II

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - <span style='color:yellow;font-size: 200%'>•</span> Morning Gold
Morning Gold

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Northern Lights II
Northern Lights II

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Pool III
Pool III

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Puffer

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Red Hessian Sails
Red Hessian Sails

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Red Sea Blues II
Red Sea Blues II

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Sail Away With Me
Sail Away With Me

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Seahorse

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Seahorses III
Seahorses III

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Slipway III
Slipway III

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - Slipway IV
Slipway IV

Stuart BUCHANAN, contemporary artist - The Wild Woods
The Wild Woods

View the latest selection of contemporary art and paintings by Scottish artists

red rag contemporary Scottish art gallery
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