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Artist Submissions and Applications to Red Rag Scottish Art Gallery

Scottish artist Jane Cruickshank


Red Rag is always keen to view art work by both emerging and established Scottish Artists from the UK or Abroad. To be considered by the gallery artists should have been either: born in Scotland; be currently living in Scotland or have trained at a Scottish art school.

Red Rag is recognised as one of the leading contemporary art galleries for Scottish art works of paintings and Limited Edition Prints. The gallery offers artists ongoing exposure through its galleries and successful websites. In addition promotion of artist art works is also undertaken through PR, advertising and art fairs.

Applying to Red Rag Gallery

In the first instance artists should email around six images of recent work. Images should be jpgs of medium (not large) size. An up to date (one page) CV should be submitted which details: where art works have been shown; any art awards received and membership of any Scottish art societies. Information on any future art shows or exhibitions where work is being shown would also be helpful.

Images of artist's work should be well presented i.e crisp and not blurred. All images should be cropped with colours giving a good representation of the actual art work.

Artists should note that Red Rag look for artists who are committed to promoting their art works solely through art galleries. Artists with their own websites which are designed to sell art work directly or that provide direct contact details will not be considered.

Before submitting an application to Red Rag artists are advised to read the following observations which are intended as helpful pointers for Scottish artists interested in showing at Red Rag Art Gallery or with other commercial Scottish art galleries

Advice to artists

Applying to show art work to an art gallery is much like applying for a job. Scottish art galleries are sent hundreds applications from would be artists each year. It pays to make applications as convenient as possible for gallery owners and curators.

Most galleries suffer from a lack of time. They simply do not the time to open and navigate artist websites looking for images, so never just send an email with a web link. If you do - do not be surprised if art galleries simply ignore your application.

Before approaching any Scottish art gallery about showing new art work it is essential to have determined which art galleries are most appropriate for particular types of work. For example: Red Rag does not show abstract paintings by Scottish artists, so it pointless sending abstract art works for consideration. Only after reviewing individual art galleries house style should artists consider approaching a gallery about their work.

Most Scottish artists make the mistake of sending too many images and information. Concentrate submissions into a focused representation of recent art work rather than sending images of every painting and style.

A great number of Scottish artists produce art work in a wide variety of styles concurrently. Many art galleries perceive a submission of an eclectic body of art work as a sign of immaturity in an artist's development and a lack of confidence or interest in one style over another. Artist submissions should clearly communicate to the gallery the major thrust and passion of each artist's work.

First impressions count and typically artists have about 10 seconds to make an impression. Too many Scottish artists submit images of their art work which are: blurred, not cropped; displayed leaning against a wall or an easel and are taken at an angle. In viewing such art work, many galleries will take the view that the quality of art work is equally poor and reject an artist application. Scottish artists who professionally submit art works to galleries significantly improve their chances of acceptance.

Approaching Red Rag Gallery

Scottish artists wishing to apply to Red Rag Gallery should use the following link to contact the gallery about showing art works. Following that an email address will be sent with details for art submissions.

Red Rag Gallery ' Scottish art and artists

red rag contemporary Scottish art gallery
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